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Recent News

New Crypta birth(Test version)


Hello everyone.

After a long time BUG fixes and the adjustment of the items ATTR, finally completed Crypta, Welcome to test.

The current, Drop mechanism and some items still has problems, but we will in the next update to fix all problems.

Please be patient. thx.

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Server Maintain


Hello Everyone;

Server need to get 24 hours maintain. Sorry long time offline, we will get server back as quickly as possible

Eden4s Team

Best Regards

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BIG BOSS is in ARDIR and Chesed



    The Big BOSS   Incarnation of battle appear in Ardir and Chesed every 4 hours. guys whose level is under 110 can loof from them! try to find and slay them! Good luck!

Best Regards

Eden4s Team

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Happy Valetine's day

Hi everyone
Valetine's day is coming.Our server will hold such events as following.
1、CS discount 30%
2、donate event.(donate1000cash,send 300cash extra)
3、play time gift event  (send gemestone to ppl who keep online for 1 hour  )
4、double honour event
it will last for 7 days.please enjoy it.
best regards 
de-eden4s team
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Merry Christmas!


Hey guys!

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

During these days, we have much surprise! There are:

1、100%donate event
2、play time gift event  
3、double honour event
4、add   wooden Rudolph 30days ,Santa helmet and coat.
5、snow in game
please enjoy them!
Best Regards
eden4s team
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