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Recent News

Cash & Bonus shop news


Hello Everyone

Our cash shop now have more items.
Bonus point shop is ready, from now on the Bonus Points will give bonus curency.
A thread about Bonus Shop will be open soon.

Best regards, your Eden4s team.

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Eden4s Farming Event Now Live !


Hello everyone:

We made an amazing Farming event, please enjoy it.

Event details : http://forum.eden4s.pw/showthread.php?4119-Eden-farming-event&p=28379#post28379

Best regards, your Eden4s team.

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[UPDATE] New shop items


  Dear players !
  Starting from today we have some new items in our Cash Shop.
  Here are the new items : 
- Crypt Spirit Pet Fossil
- Mardook Pet Fossil
- Moleck Pet Fossil
- Yeti Pet Fossil
- Aron Pet Fossil
- Fire Spirit Pet Fossil
- Golem Pet Fossil
- Premium Best Luck
- Sunglasses
- Monocle
- Nationality Recovering Magic Ink
- Eos Brigandine Set
- Eos Doublet Set
- Eos Gladiator Set
- Eos Plate Set
- Eos Scale Set
- Eos Splint Set

Also, our 2 Mount&Pet packages prices got lowered to 6k instead of 8k.
     Our bonus shop will soon get more items too.

Best regards, your Eden4s team.

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Crypt is back !


Hello everyone !
        As many you requested we brought Crypt back.

        Here you can see all update notes : http://forum.eden4s.pw/showthread.php?4100-Crypt-is-Back-!&p=28332#post28332
Best regards, your Eden 4story team.

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Premium Shop And Regarding Skeletons drop


Hello Everyone:

Premium shop news : http://forum.eden4s.pw/showthread.php?4092-Premium-Shop-!&p=28279#post28279.

The item drop rate from our event Skeletons have been increased by removing [Horse Whip] and adding 2 more items to it's drop.
Those items are [Legendary Book of Refinement] and [Scroll of Magic Transfer].
Also we have released the drop rate of each item, you can find it here : http://forum.eden4s.pw/showthread.php?4091-Skeleton-item-drop-rate-!&p=28278#post28278

Have Fun !

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